Brand Identity

IBIS-09 is a research vessel conducting freelance astrophysics across the galaxy.

Color Palette

The ship’s official colors expressed in the logotype as both positive and negative. Navy and yellow are the core colors and must be included in all color combinations.


The mark incorporates the zero from IBIS-09 as the lens of a telescope that echoes the letterforms down the length of the scope. The dash in the middle of the zero serves as a pupil, viewing the galaxy.

Business Cards

The business card is clean and professional with the sleek, official colors and features the logotype and mark on separate sides of the card.

Recruitment Posters

This poster uses the casual color scheme for cooperative science outreach and features a work station along with the color mark and a slogan. This gives more information to the viewer, feels friendly and approachable, and the bright colors could catch attention on a fuel depot wall.


Most merch will be branded in the casual colors of cooperative science since giving out branded items is good for recruitment and outreach. The slogan expresses the core idea of the project.

Brand Development Guide

Click the download button above to view the brand development guide. This takes the reader through the full process from concept to final product and lays out guidelines for brand cohesion.

Logotype: Standard
Logotype: Official
Logotype: Casual

The standard logotype is used for all regular branding and communications. The official logotype is only on official tags and banners. The casual logotype is used for the cooperative science division.

Color Mark

All three color configurations are used in the final color marks which express the different aspects to the vessel’s work.

Advertisement Posters

This poster uses the official color scheme that emphasises the navy blue and features an illustration of the ship. This gives the poster a more formal and respectable feel for university, conference, company settings.