Curriculum Design

A sampling of activities I created for the UA Museum of the North on a grant from NASA’s National Space Science Education Consortium (NSSEC). These are designed for afterschool educators and aimed at an elementary audience.

Digital Media Skills

Graphic Design

Visit my redbubble store to see my digital art on items like socks, leggings, notebooks, & stickers.

Story Games & Roleplaying Games

These games serve as guides to the activity of interactive and collaborative storytelling. Below are the micro games I’ve written. Soon I’ll post preview pages from the larger-scale campaign game I’m working on with my partner – Skies of the Elemental Age.

Preview of Guiding Stars:

Preview of CALL YOUR EXES:


Short poetry collections I’ve written. Click the image to read excerpts and download each collection for free.

Sun shines through a deciduous forest in springtime, no leaves are on the trees and they are backlit silhouettes to a low sun.


Duckling is an experimental synth-pop collective born in Goldstream, Alaska. I write the lyrics and perform lead vocals.

An overhead shot of three people performing in an electronic band with a drumset and keyboard and a vocalist.

Let’s build something together.